Zirui Zhao

ziruiz [AT] comp.nus.edu.sg
ryan_zzr [AT] outlook.com

Zirui Zhao is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the National University of Singapore, advised by Prof. Wee Sun Lee. He also works closely with Prof. David Hsu. He is doing research in decision-making under uncertainty, robotics, and their intersection with Machine Learning, NLP, and Large Language Models. He received his Bachelor's Degree at Xi'an Jiaotong University. He used to work with Prof. Pengju Ren during his undergrad study and Prof. Ding Zhao when visiting CMU.

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I prefer to think deeply and dig into the simple underlying essence of a complex problem/method. I am interested in solving large-scale decision-making problems in complex environments and their application in robotics/embodied AI. I am also interested in leveraging search algorithms/external tools/structured memory to boost LLM reasoning capabilities, especially in planning/NLP problems.


I am particularly interested in teaching, especially in the field of AI. I have been a teaching assistant for CS1010E (Programming Methodology), CS3245 (Information Retrieval), and teaching tutorials of CS3263 (Foundations of Artificial Intelligence) for two consecutive semesters. I was selected for the Teaching Fellowship Award in AY23/24-Sem1.

Adapted from Jon Barron